The TERRA-VIN Ltd. is functioning in the cultural historical town of Sárospatak with rich historical relics in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region.

The TERRA-VIN Ltd is owned by Lajos Kun and the Ltd. includes the family`s vineyard and wine-cellar.
The family has been growing and producing wine since 1974. Our vineyard can be found in the excellent part of the town in the southern exposure. The name of  this territory is Király-hegy and the size of the plantation is 5 hectares.

We grow traditional grapes e.g. Furmint, Linden-leaf and Yellow Muscat Wine. With a moderate vine-stock burden, we strive to produce high-quality elementary substance. To achieve it so, we do careful offset and bunch-selection.
We set up our wine-cellar in 2001 with high-quality wine-producing equipment entirely compatible with the EU regulations. It consists acid-resistant containers capable for controlled fermentation, and up-to-date viticultural technology.

Our reductive types of wines are kept in new wood-barrels for 2 to 3 months.
In the 2004 wine-contest, a silver medal was given to our 2003 Linden-leaf wine while a gold medal was given to our Furmint.

The Szamorodni and Aszú wines are mellowed in our 14-meter deep cellar hollowed into a vulcanic rock.  The cellar can be found near the Rákóczi Castle. These wines are kept in a Gönci-type and Szerednyei-type of oak wood-barrels for several years with a careful handling.